Flying Insect Control

Prevent Fly Infestation

Crystal offer a Flying Insect Control Service for all forms of flies. Flies cannot eat solid food, so to soften it up they vomit on it. Then they stomp the vomit in to form a liquid, adding a few germs for good measure. After this they suck it all back up again, dropping some excrement at the same time. And then when they’ve finished eating-it’s your turn.

Wasp Killer

Crystal offer a Flying Insect Control Service for all forms of wasps and bees. The habits of wasps are just as unsavoury as those of flies and they can carry disease in much the same way. In addition, wasps are attracted to fruit and pastries and can be caught up in these and eaten. Electric Fly Killer & Light Traps can be an effective wasp killer.

Electric Fly Killer

An Electric Fly Killer can be a highly efficient tool to combat fly infestation as well as being an effective wasp killer. 24 Hour protection against flying insects such as wasps & flies can be provided for rental or supply and service.

How does the Electric Fly Killer work?

The tubes within the electric fly killer draw the flying insect towards it through the UV light. Once electrocuted the fly falls into a collection trap, which should be emptied regularly as part of routine maintenance.

Electronic fly killers are often the last line of defence or the only means of control. When used for monitoring purposes, their role is equally critical. Maintenance of proper effectiveness is essential. All Crystal EFKs are designed to be simple to maintain and clean, and for maximum efficiency. The tubes should be changed at least once per year since the phosphur coating, which produces the UV, deteriorates with use.

Light Traps

Another type of trap uses the same attraction lights as electronic fly killers but does not electrocute the insect, instead, trapping it on a sticky board. Again this can be a effective wasp killer as well as combatting aall types of flying insects.