Heat Treatments

The Heat Bubble or Diathermic Capsule.

This is a fabulous alternative to chemical / pesticide treatments. It is wonderfully successful in the treatment of bed bugs and moths particularly.

The heat bubble can be used in many different situations. Domestic dwellings, hotel bedrooms, offices or warehouses and all you need is a 240v mains power point. It uses only heat and humidity to kill all stages of insect pest life.

Crystalkil pest control is always looking for chemical free, environmentally friendly treatment processes. The heat bubble is safe for use when it comes to clothing, bedding, mattresses, soft furnishings and delicate materials such as woollens and silks.

The heat bubble is big enough to hold a double bed and many other bedroom items in one load. The biggest advantage of this process is, that only one visit is required and therefore, upheaval is kept to a minimum.

The temperature and humidity is fully controllable by way of a thermostat. This ensures the safe treatment of property and possessions.