About Us

The Company was established in 1984 to serve blue chip clients in both the public & private sector.
Privately owned, medium sized and financially stable, Crystal Services is large enough to guarantee service excellence, but still small enough to care and give each of our customers the levels of attention needed to ensure a successful partnership. We prioritise customer loyalty and staff retention.
We provide 3 services:

  • Daily Cleaning & Window Cleaning
  • Pest Control and Bird Control
  • Washroom Services
  • Each division has its own specialist staff with health & safety, human resources, financial, marketing and systems support. Current turnover is in excess of £11 million and we are proud to boast a staffing level in excess of 1,000 dedicated and loyal employees.


    We are as a company committed to working in partnership with all our customers as the only real method of striving for and achieving mutual goals. Crystal is a forward thinking group. We keep pace with change to our clients’ businesses and we are totally prepared to react to their changing needs.

    The Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Dedicated to providing an environmentally sensitive service, Crystal Services uses a range of ecological products which are kinder to the environment. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and support charities including research for motor neurone disease at The St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and Essex based childrens charity, Wipe Away Those Tears.

    Our Vision

    “The success of Crystal Services plc is based on the development of a trained, structured & motivated management team supported by a sound financial backing.
    Our business philosophy is founded on the belief that people are the company’s greatest asset and that specialisation of tasks produces areas expertise.
    The group is continually working on the development and implementation of new ideas, systems and technology.”

    Crystal Services plc aims to:

  • Provide a consistent quality service in response to our client’s requirements and expectations.
  • To continually improve our customer service and implement programmes, processes and to establish procedures which promote good practice and allow us to meet and exceed our customer expectations.
  • To provide adequate training to employees and to encourage all employees to take responsibility for moving forward the business programmes.
  • To maintain up-to-date knowledge of current legislation and be aware of all International Standards Codes of Practice Guidance Codes and other such documents relevant to the Health, Safety and Environment.
  • To conduct all of our activities so as to ensure high standards of Health, Safety and Environmental management, and to encourage high levels of awareness throughout the organisation.
  • To comply with the guidelines set by Crystal Services PLC, customers and relevant national and local legislation.
  • To take a long-term view to protect our business and manage risk.
  • To act responsibly and build a reputation that enhances our brand to all stakeholders.
  • To improve operational efficiencies across all of our contracts.
  • To keep employees, customers and other interested parties adequately informed concerning our performance.