Bird Deterrent, Bird Repeller, & Bird Netting Services

Below are some of the effective Bird Deterrent Displacement systems such as Bird Netting & Bird Repeller from Crystal Services. This is used for effective Bird Control.

Target species – Pigeons and gulls

An effective bird deterrent, The Avistrand sprung system prevents birds perching on the exterior of buildings.

Suitable for ledges, parapets, sills, cornices and other level roosting points, this system consists of stainless steel posts and spring tensioned plastic coated wire in one or more rows.

Avistrand is unobtrusive and does not mar the appearance of the building. It is one of the few systems which can be used against seagulls, but generally in light pressure situations.

This bird repeller system is harmless to birds.

Perching Deterrents – Point Systems
Target species – pigeons, seagulls and sparrows

A range of bird deterrent propriety systems, featuring stainless steel rods in single or multiple spring configurations mounted on polycarbonate bases.

These bird repeller systems are generally flexible enough for installation on most surfaces, even roof ridges, light fittings and signs. The tips of the wires in the systems supplied are all cut square, so that the birds will not injure themselves.

Though similar, there are in fact many significant differences between the point systems supplied. Pigeon systems have spikes which are 100-120mm long. Seagull systems have spikes which are at least 150mm long.

The most obvious difference between the different products is the width of each strip. This will determine the width of ledge that can be protected from one strip.

Wires are set at an angle from the base and are more difficult for birds to penetrate than vertical ones. Like most bird proofing products, point systems are unobtrusive and difficult to see once they are installed.

Target species-pigeons, gulls, starlings and sparrows

An effective bird netting product, a fine mesh UV resistant polythene netting is used to screen areas completely, so denying birds access to areas such as light wells, the undersides of canopies and porticos, roof areas and other nesting and roosting points. This bird netting is used in heavy pressure situations and where there will be lots of fouling and maybe nesting materials or even eggs and chicks.

Bird netting is held tightly in place on a building, by attaching it to a tensioned wire which runs around the periphery of the area being netted. The bird netting supplied are made from durable and long lasting materials which will not absorb water, are virtually unaffected by extremes of temperature, are chemically inert and have outstanding electrical insulating properties Our bird control staff are trained as specialist abseilers and this is often required for the purpose of cost effective access for netting instalment.

Bird Barrier Coil
Target species-pigeons

An effective bird deterrent, the extendible coil specially designed to stretch over long areas such as ledges, parapets, ridges, girders and signs. The unique shape and instability of the coil prevents birds from landing on or in between the coils thus being an effective bird deterrent. There is no risk of hurting the birds.

Repellent Gel
Target species – pigeons and starlings

An effective form of bird repeller, gel strips are applied to horizontal ledges, parapets , signs, beams, etc. The gel is a non-viscous compound that depresses under a birds weight to create discomfort and to encourage them to move to a better perch elsewhere. The bird repeller gel is sealed to prevent the adhesion of airborne pollutants and to prevent entanglement of bird’s flight feathers. This is a legal requirement under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Sonic Scaring
Target species- starlings

A bio acoustic dispersal system is a higly effective bird deterrent. With a mixture of alarm and distress calls over a carefully scheduled time programme to break the roosting habits of the birds and move flocks of starlings from buildings or locations and away to less sensitive areas. This devices are generally more effective in agricultural situations and very few appear to have any effect on urban bird pests.

Bird Netting & Bird Repeller can be highly effective Bird Deterrent methods, for more information call 0208 503 3380.