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How Effective Bird Control can prevent Aviation Accidents

On the 15th of January there was an incident in New York that caused a plane to crash into the Hudson River. No one was killed but reports say that the problem was a flock of birds that the plane hit. This caused it to malfunction; they lost engine power and had to land in the river, shortly after takeoff. This rather alarming story isn’t the first of its kind.
Bird strikes have apparently been a problem ever since the famous Wright Brothers started flying back in the 1900s. Of course, planes these days are much larger and far more technologically advanced, so you would think that problems of this kind aren’t an issue anymore. On the contrary, planes, no matter how large can still be affected by a flock of birds if they’re hit in the wrong place at the wrong time.

plane_crash_smallPest control at airports is an important factor in accidents like this and there are many people who think that if pest control had been properly taken care of then this accident could have been avoided. There are a variety of ways to keep birds away from airports where they can cause a danger to humans and themselves. Some of the tactics, used by major airports around the world, include driving around with speakers which are playing calls from birds of prey in order to scare the birds away. However, this tactic isn’t always effective.

Effective bird control comes in many forms such as netting, repellent gel and of course deterrent systems such as Point Systems which stop birds from being able to perch in certain places like on buildings and signs. Of course, none of these systems causes harm to the animals, they simply stop the birds from being able to perch or roost where they may be in danger.
It is a well known fact that pigeons are the major pests in the bird world and these birds are actually responsible for most of the pest control issues reported. Seagulls also cause problems and so do sparrows. However, effective bird control can really help in situations like this and airports should definitely consider these forms of deterrent from birds.

Perhaps if airports were to consider other forms of pest control such as bird repellent and netting then incidents like this wouldn’t happen. Of course, there are many airports at the moment that do have very effective methods of pest control in place, but there are a few places where these incidents could be avoided by upgrading their pest control efforts from simply driving around with loud speakers.

It is quite remarkable that geese were responsible for the plane coming down in New York, and it goes to show how fragile these people carriers can really be. It is in all our interests that aviation is a safe and assured way of travel, so these global airports must act quickly if they want to prevent this lucky escape becoming a tragedy.
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Picture Source: BBC

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