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Pest Control Services

Crystalkil Pest Control Services is one of the top 5 largest pest control service providers in the M25 area, located in East London.

A comprehensive pest control service is provided to over 4000 clients for the control of all forms of pests including rats, mice, bee control, cockroaches, ants, wasp nest control, general insect control and birds.

Pest Control London

Our customers are spread throughout the food trade, health care, industry, commerce and the public sector. Crystalkil provides the finest supervised service giving our customers, their customers and staff, safe, effective protection for their working environment and their reputation. Inedequate or poor pest control can lead to fines or imprisonment under the Food Safety Act 1990.


Rodent Control London

Rodent Control Service. Rodents are a major pest because of the disease they transmit and the damage they cause. 1 in 15 food premises are rat infested, higher still for mice.

All rodents must gnaw regularly to keep their continually growing incisor teeth at a manageable length. They live in colonies of extended families and are capable of rapid reproduction. Rodents usually feed at night and consume up to 10% of their body weight daily. It is common to see them collecting food during the day.


Bird Pests London

Bird Pests. For the property owner feral bird pests can be a serious menace, especially in concentrated urban populations. They pose a very real risk to health, damage foodstuffs, deface buildings and increase property maintenance bills.

Most bird pests present no problem at all, but a few species become pests due to concentrated populations or the environment they inhabit.


Insect Control London

Insect Control Service. In addition to carrying disease, death through wasp stings in the throat accounted for 50% of all fatalities caused by venomous animals. They feed on fruit and are regarded as scavengers, extending the damage caused by other pests and diseases.

Cockroaches can live a month without food and 2 weeks without water, which can result in reinfestation.

Nocturnal, Cockroaches spend the day hiding in cracks and crevices around sinks, drains, cookers, backs of cupboards and refrigerator motor compartments. They are vectors of disease.

Flies breed and feed in unsanitary conditions where larvae feed on decaying organic matter. Contamination agents survive on the outside body, gut & blood system. Mosquito’s are primarily a seasonal biting nuisance in cooler climates.

Read how effective bird control can prevent aviation accidents!!

Why Pest Control?

  • Pests cause damage
  • Pests cause fear
  • Pests contaminate products
  • Pests upset work procedures
  • Pests cause disease
  • Pests can lead to prosecution
  • Pests cause loss of goodwill

If you need help with Pest Control London, call us now for our Pest Control Services on 0208 503 3380.

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